March 16, 2001

Coagula recently won a major FREE SPEECH lawsuit, brought on to the publication by Brooklyn resident Ms. Sheh Zand, currently director of Chelsea’s STUX Gallery (529 West 20th Street, NYC 10011 telephone: 212-352-1600, fax: 212-352-0302). She goes by Sheh (pronounced SHAY), even though her real name is Banafsheh. Read coverage of the December, 2000 trial through these links:

New York Magazine

New York Press

Sheh’s 1992 lawsuit was over articles appearing in Coagula issues #3 & #4. Coagula won. Truth is an absolute defense in Libel Law. As Publisher of Coagula, I stand 100% by the truthfulness of the editorial content of my magazine (and website).

-Mat Gleason.

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